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good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> richmond police suspect the shootings death may be related to a turf war. >> and there is recent worry about increase in violence. there is 19 homicides already this year compared to last year. >> but those overall crime numbers in richmond are down. as you said in 2010, homicide count was at 12, today, it stands at 19 but the lieutenant says they remain vigilant in serving the community and making
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it safe. >> it's scary. >> gloria has lived here all her life. the sound of gunfire is nothing new. >> i just panic, i stop in the middle of the street because lit up with ten police cars. three ambulances and everything. >> it was busy night for richmond pd because of two separate shootings. police are actively investigating a double homicide that took place around 10:15 in the 400 block of bissel avenue where three people were shot. a man and woman were pronounced dead at the scene. a female in her 20s was also shot. she is listened in critical condition. >> we have some kind of dispute between gangs in the richmond area. we don't know exactly what it is at this time. we are trying to figure out so we can prevent future shootings. we don't know what is going on between the two right now.
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>> earlier reports say the three were standing outside this apartment building at the time of the shooting. today friends are leaving flowers. richmond pd also tell us a man in his 20s was shot around 9:45 p.m. in the 200 block of gertrude avenue. as with the other case, there is currently no suspects and there have been no arrests. they believe that the two shootings are related. >> because of the proximity of the locations and because we've had problems in the past with northridge men and central richmond. i asked them, miss jackson why don't more people come forward when they see violent crimes happen. she told me just like an earthquake being a witness in this neighborhood as an aftereffect and you have to live by the law of the land. protestors will gather in san francisco's bayview district to call for the f.b.i. and
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citizens oversight committee to investigate the fatal shooting after the man over the weekend. the suspect 19-year-old kenneth harding was armed and fired first at officers on saturday. at the time of the shooting police didn't recover a weapon but video posted on youtube showed a silver handgun on the ground right there at the scene near the suspect's body. it showed another person at the scene picking the gun up and walking away. after they got the video they recovered the go gun at a home the man that shot the video he says he was frustrated about people speaking out without knowing the facts. >> i believe the police officers -- and i, you see a gun there. i'm not sure where the gun came from.
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the young man who picked it up, luckily they got it. >> they are talking with seattle police after learning the man they shot was a person of interest in a shooting there that left one woman dead and three others injured. they are holding a news conference at 2:00 this afternoon and is in the process of planning a townhall meeting on wednesday to discuss the shooting with the public. they plan to picket u.s. airways over the arrest of a man wearing saggy pants. deshon marman was kicked off a u.s. airways flight. he was accused of not pulling up his pants and arguing with the flight crew. he was arrested after refusing to leave the plane. district attorney's office kneid decided not to file charges. naacp wants to clearer outline on the dress code policy.
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we called them for a comment on today's order but they have not returned our calls. >> layoff notices will be mailed out to about 200 san francisco employees today because of state budget cuts. presiding judge is holding a news conference right now to outline the cuts. in addition to the layoffs, the county plans to close nearly two dozen courtrooms. they say that obtaining criminal and civil records will take months and getting a divorce could take a year and a half. all court clerks will be forced to cut their hours. this is a result of state courts trying to figure out how to deal with the loss of $350 million in state funding this year. officials have warned that at least that much will have to be cut next year. the house is expected to vote on a republican debt cutting plan as soon as tomorrow. democrats don't like it. so-called plan is set to pass the house. it would allow the government to borrow $2.4 trillion and
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adoption of a balanced budget amendment. the measure is sure to stall in the senate. president obama has already promised to veto it if it reaches his desk. a deal has to reach by august 2nd to avoid a default on u.s. obligation. >> president obama introduced a man who wants to head his administration consumer protection bureau. he is the former attorney general. if confirmed, he will head the agency's for being the government watchdog over mortgages and other forms of lending. president obama says he will fight any efforts to block any work of the new agency. >> they will launch an investigation in britain in a scandal that has rocked rupert murdoch's media empire. his top deputy followed a resignation.
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tomorrow murdoch and his son james and british chief executive will all testify before parliament. his newspaper is accused of hack go into the phones of celebrities, politicians and other journalists as well as 13-year-old murder victim. the florida woman acquitted of killing her daughter is out of prison and the plane she may have been in touched down to the bay area but nobody knows whether she was on the plane or where she is right now. >> reporter: where is casey anthony? last seen a hurried exit out of jail, her attorneys aren't revealing anything even when pressed during an interview. >> is she or has she left florida? >> i can't disclose anything like that. >> this plane could solve the miss you industry. three hours after she was released it took off from orlando and happens to be registered to one of anthony's attorneys. whether she was a passenger or the plane was nearly a decoy to
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confuse the media it landed in arizona 3:00 a.m. one thing is effort is, anthony did not go home to her parents. their attorney says they simply received a text saying she was safe. some security efforts, she may month not be welcome anywhere else. >> there is a possibility that local authorities would want this individual -- >> when so many in the public are angry at the verdict. >> it is what it is. she'll face justice. >> i don't feel any closure. i feel like an innocent child was taken away from us. still ahead, the lotto that has a few lucky people to move
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into a new south bay home at half the price. >> first, a five-year-old girl saved her grandmother's life. something that all children should know. >> and crime fighting dog, it doesn't matter when it comes to taking on two armed robbers.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a south san francisco
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grandmother daughter saved a grandmother's life. amy hollyfield joins us from south san francisco. if you are caring for a five-year-old. do you think she or he could save you if you were choking. caylee did it. her grandmother was choking on a chicken bone. she takes care of the grandkid during the day and they had chosen kfc. caylee was the only one near her and chicken bone got caught in the grandmother's throat and the little girl slapped her on the back. >> she was choking. she couldn't breathe and she couldn't talk. and her --
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>> i couldn't believe it at first. such a tiny girl had such a power punch in her. 6 i was so truly happy that i could breathe. i was extremely proud. >> reporter: leanne says her granddaughter is a who are and caylee told us she agrees. she thinks he is a hero, too. leanne wanted to go public with her story she wants everyone to know to teach young children what to do. this children is feeling very grateful right now. -- this family is feeling very grateful right how. >> and she was so brave. >> now to another hero. the story of a crime fighting super dog. paco took on a couple armed
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robbers in southern california tobacco store. he only weighed ten pounds he ran them out of store and chased the robbers all the way across the street. the shop owner adopted him and paco is in the store all day and his behavior was not normal. he appeared on "good morning america." >> when you saw what he did, was that the paco you had come to know? >> no, he is very easy to get along with. he is friendly. i was shocked to see what he did he was running across the street was amazing. >> nobody was hurt including paco. the thieves did away with some money but it could have been a lot worse. a super hero chase on gma day for capital "p" for paco. it was so cute.
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>> all right. >> what he is 12 pounds? >> doesn't know his own size. >> that is amazing. let's talk about weather. we'll wait for friday and we'll have a great animal to bring into your home then. let's talk about the warming trend. we see a little bit of a fog hovering over the golden gate bridge but that is not stopping us. we will have cooler weather on the way. i'll tell you when that happens too. >> last space shuttle crew says goodbye. parting gift they gave them before leaving. >> and world champion giants gets an invite to the white house.
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the crew of the last space shuttle is now saying goodbye to the international space station. the expander presented the crew with parting gifts including a
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model of shuttle and a u.s. flag. atlantis will undock at 11:28 tonight and it's expected back on earth on thursday. it marks the end of 30-year program. >> san francisco giants will be painting the white house orange and black next week. president obama has invited them there on monday. there we go the giants. they'll be at the white house and they don't mind because they will be honored as the 2010 world series champs. they will fly to d.c. after sunday's game. no word if brian wilson will wear the tuxedo he wore to espy awards. i'll let you know if he is going to wear it. >> i would think soe not. he has more class than that.
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>> we have had some interesting changes on the weather. >> how about that. there is one part of fog that is moving through the golden gate but not doing too much damage. the warming trend is still on the way and we'll have one more shot to show you. this is the east bay looking from vollmer peak back toward mount diablo where temperatures could be 10 degrees warmer. it was kind of chilly at times. here is a look at satellite, you can see the clouds rotating through the north. area of low pressure that may push our thunderstorms as far as south as mendocino county but a few clouds are gathering an the coast but the sunshine is dominant feature. let's look at those temperatures and you can see how much we've changed over the last 24 hours. everybody is either 4-8, even 9 degrees warmer except for half moon bay. what are those temperatures? if you are leaving the house
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right now, 60s and 70s everywhere as we head down to monterey bay, same thing. mid 60s low to mid-70s was the very often sonville and gill provide. more clouds, we'll see those return even some drizzle along the coast and higher elevations. looks like a gradual warming trend could take place the next couple of days. 2 degrees warmer san francisco and santa rosa 3 and concord, 8 degrees warmer. we're still not close where we should be i would say five to eight degrees warmer than what you're seeing. total sunshine in the east bay valleys. upper 50s for richmond and low to mid 70s for the rest of the bay shore. heading back to the south shore, mid-80s, los gatos about 84 degrees. 72 in millbrae. you can see a little breezy along copy of the with temperatures in the upper 60s.
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mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. april in monterey. low 70s for the rest of the bay. around stated you see the storm staying mainly to the north. 95 in fresno. nearly 110 in palm springs. most of heat is still stuck. dodgers game, cool and calm 62 down to 58. the temperatures step up around thursday and 80 around the bay and mid on 50s at the coast. that is where we should be and it will hover for friday, saturday and sunday. first time home buyers are getting a chance at an incredible deal in sunnyvale this week. it's below market rate program. eligible buyers can put down $50 and get into a lottery.
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they will be able to purchase homes raising from $433,000 to $468,000. that is half of what the homes should sell for. if you want to get in the lottery, applications will be accepted now through next monday at sunnyvale city hall. >> south africans are paying tribute to nelson mandela who turns 93 today. ♪ ♪ millions of south african children begin that school day of singing a special version of happy birthday. people around the world are asked to mark his birthday by working 67 minutes to the community. >> upcoming marine corps event.
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>> the latest marine to ask out a hollywood star.
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today at 3:00, water bottle safety switching to plastic might make little difference and forget about clipping those coupons, michael finney shows us way to save money and time. one local lawmakers plan to restrict employee salary increases when tuitions are increasing. finally this morning, the latest hollywood star to attend a military ball. she has been asked by a marine sergeant through a youtube video.
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>> she is fine and sweet. all around perfect one. >> the sergeant is seen doing sit-ups. >> she hasn't said whether she would accept or reject the offer. >> wail see. >> she looks lovely and she is so funny. >> thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >>
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